Giving Back to the Homeless ~ When You Purchase a Sock, We Donate a Sock

Giving Back to the Homeless ~ When You Purchase a Sock,
We Donate a Sock!
When you purchase a pair of sock, we donate a pair of sock! For every pair of sock you purchase, we will donate a pair of sock to the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco to distribute to homeless families and other homeless shelters. The more socks you buy, the more we will donate. Which makes us all feel grateful!
Giving Back to the Homeless We know from experience that socks is one of the most needed item when you’re living on the streets. During Christmas of 2016, I wanted to show my daughter that Christmas is not about receiving gifts but about giving what you have. We purchased 2 bags of socks (40 pairs in each bag) and drove around San Francisco handing out socks to the homeless people. Many of the homeless people that we gave socks to were very grateful because it was cold and they needed something to keep their feet warm. Some even asked for 2 pairs of socks and we happily gave them another pair. Socks are the one clothing item that is least donated, yet it is the most needed because some don’t even have a pair of shoe.
Because of COVID-19, there is a big need for this necessity and is now greater than ever as there are more people who are becoming homeless and shelters are unable to provide a place to keep warm because of social distancing needs.
We would like to do our part by asking you to join us if you wish, to help solve this problem by purchasing any of our socks and we will donate a pair!